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solar panels cost ireland

Isn’t it time to take control of your energy bills? With the costs of electricity in Ireland, solar panels present an intriguing alternative. These eco-friendly powerhouses have a wide price range, influenced by factors like the number of panels, their quality, and additional features you might choose. So what are the cost of solar panels in Ireland.

Though top-tier panels may be pricier upfront, they often provide superior efficiency and durability, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run. But what about maintenance costs? Let’s peel back the layers of this solar story to discover the true costs and savings potential of solar panel installations.

Ready to bask in the light of knowledge? Let’s begin.

Solar Panel Cost Ireland Estimations 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, you might be wondering about the estimated costs of installing solar panels in Ireland, which can range from €6,000 to €18,000 depending on the size of your house and energy needs. It’s a significant investment, but don’t let the upfront cost deter you. The long-term savings make it a smart choice.

€6,000 – €18,000, That’s a big range but there is lots of variables at play here. The key variables to price are

  • The price tag for solar panels in Ireland varies depending on the quality of panels, premium panels might cost more but offer better efficiency and durability.
  • Depending on need some homes only have 8 panels where other homes with different needs can have 16 or more panels on their roof.
  • Are you going to include a battery in your setup, if so this will add to costs as you will need the battery itself and also a slightly more expensive Inverter.
  • If you roof is in the shade you may need to add optimizers to the mix, again more costs.

It’s about finding the right balance for your budget and energy needs.

And don’t forget about the payback period. On average, it takes around five to seven years for solar panels to pay for themselves in a typical three-bedroom house in Ireland. That means you’re not just save money by reducing your carbon footprint but also saving money in the long run.

How many other investments can you make that are guaranteed to make you a return? After 5 – 7 years your panels will have covered your initial  costs and you are then looking at up to 20 years of free eletricity for your home.

Your solar panels will generate up to 70% of your energy needs, significantly reducing your electricity bills. So, while the initial costs might seem high, the long-term benefits solar modules give to your wallet and the environment are substantial.

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Published costs of solar panels in Ireland

I went through some installers sites to see what figures they have on their site ( as of February 2024) and found the following examples. While they give you a great idea of the ball park figure you do not really know how much until they have talked to you about your needs and done a site survey of your home.

Example cost of solar panels in Ireland 1

System Size No. of Solar Panels 8 Panels 10 Panels 12 Panels
Kilowatt Peak (max output) 3.4 kWp 4.3 kWp 5.2 kWp
Annual Generation 2,700 kWh 3,500 kWh 4,200 kWh
Annual Savings Self Consumption of Solar Electricity €720 €800 €860
Micro Generation of Exported Electricity €200 €330 €440
Total Annual Savings €920 €1,130 €1,300
System Cost Average Supply and Installation €7,066 €8,163 €8,874
SEAI Grant -€1,950 -€2,100 -€2,100
Net Cost €4,966 €6,283 €6,774
Return Payback Estimate 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years


Example cost of solar panels in Ireland  2

House Size Cost (after SEAI grant) Solar Array Size Electricity Generation / year (South facing 30° roof)
2-bed terraced house €5,919 3.48 kWp (8 x 435w panels) 3,029 kWh
3-bed semi-detached €6,163 4.35 kWp (10 x 435w panels) 3,782 kWh
4-bed detached house €6,583 5.22 kWp (12 x 435w panels) 4,820 kWh
6-bed detached house €7,355 6.96 kWp (16 x 435w panels) 6,036 kWh


Battery and Storage Pricing

If you’re considering solar panels, don’t forget to factor in the cost and benefits of battery storage, Batteries while not absolutely needed for a successful solar installation can be very useful.

Check out our blog post on the need for a battery with your solar pv system. When you make this green energy leap, it’s not just about the panels, it’s also about how you use the electricity you generate.

Here are three key considerations for your solar energy storage:

  1. Size: You can choose from many different battery sizes , eg 5 kWh, 7.5 kWh, and 10 kWh batteries, depending on your power usage and budget.
  2. Expandability: With solar batteries, you can add extra modules later on to increase your storage capacity as your needs grow.
  3. Monitoring: Batteries can be monitored with the handy app that you get when you install your solar panels

The battery part of your PV system is the easiest to upgrade later so if budget is tight do as I did, start off with a small battery and then over the years add to it. I started off with a 2.5kWh system. Then over the last 2 years I have added 2 extra batteries 3.3kWh batteries to the setup.

Solar Panel Types and Costs

As you explore your solar panel options, you’ll find there are several types available, including Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Thin-film, Bifacial, and Hybrid panels, each with unique features and efficiencies.  In Ireland we mostly use the first 2 types.

In Ireland, the most commonly used solar panels for residential and commercial applications tend to be Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar panels, due to their efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Here’s a brief overview of each and their typical use cases:

  1. Monocrystalline Solar Panels: These are made from single-crystal silicon, making them highly efficient at converting sunlight into electricity. They are known for their longevity and higher efficiency rates, which can be particularly advantageous in Ireland’s variable climate. Their efficiency means they can generate more power in a smaller area compared to other types. This makes them a popular choice despite being slightly more expensive.
  2. Polycrystalline Solar Panels: Constructed from multiple silicon crystals, polycrystalline panels are slightly less efficient than monocrystalline panels but are more cost-effective. They are a common choice for residential solar installations in Ireland, offering a good balance between cost and performance.

Moreover, solar panels can increase your property’s value and attractiveness to potential buyers.

With the recent zero VAT initiative, solar panels have become even more affordable, making this a fantastic time to invest in renewable energy. By choosing to install solar panels, you’re not just saving money – you’re also serving your community and the environment.

Solar Financial Supports

You’ll be pleased to know that there is a grant available to help offset the cost of your solar panel installation. This grant is designed to encourage the adoption of renewable energy and help you make a positive impact on the environment.

  1. SEAI Grants for Solar PV Installations: The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers grants for solar photovoltaic (PV) installations, capped at €2,400. This substantial contribution can significantly reduce your overall installation cost.
  2. VAT Reduction on Solar Panels: While not strickly a grant , the reduction of the VAT rate to zero has the same affect. It makes the move to install solar cheaper and more affordable. The government has abolished VAT on solar panels from May 1, 2023.

Longevity and Maintenance of Panels

Now that your solar panels are installed, it’s essential to understand their lifespan and the maintenance they’ll require. Solar panels are designed to last with warranties often covering 20 to 25 years. However, their actual lifespan can exceed this, proving their worth as a long-term investment.

Maintaining your solar panels ensures they function at peak efficiency. Here are three key aspects of solar panel maintenance:

  1. Cleaning: Keep your panels clear of dirt and debris to maintain optimal energy production.
  2. Monitoring: Regularly check your system’s performance. Promptly addressing any issues can prolong the life and efficiency of your panels.
  3. Adherence to guidelines: Following manufacturer guidelines during installation and throughout the panel’s lifespan contributes to their longevity and effectiveness.

Direct Savings From Solar Energy

Harnessing the power of your solar panel systems for energy can lead to significant savings on your electricity bills in Ireland. Think about it – a solar panel installation might seem costly initially, but the long-term benefits are vast. With the rising cost of electricity, solar panels let you tap into a free, renewable source of energy that can drastically cut your bills.

In Ireland, a solar panel system can save you up to €1,000 annually. Moreover, the average Irish home can fulfill up to 70% of its electricity bill its hot water needs with solar energy alone. Now that’s efficiency!

Plus, with Ireland’s Microgeneration Support Scheme, you can sell your excess electricity back to the grid. Here’s how it all adds up:

Potential SavingsSolar Power BenefitSupport Scheme€1,000 Annually70% Hot Water21c/kWh credit

Evaluating Solar Panel Companies

As you’re saving money on your electricity bills and contributing to a sustainable future with solar energy, it’s also crucial to carefully evaluate the solar panel companies you’re considering. It’s not just about cost, it’s about quality, reliability, and long-term support.

  1. Certifications: Ensure the company is certified. Look for SEAI registration and ISO accreditation. These certifications aren’t just badges; they’re assurances of quality and compliance. You’re not just buying panels; you’re investing in a sustainable future.
  2. Experience: Consider the company’s track record. Have they completed a significant number of installations, like over 8,000 nationwide? Experience speaks volumes about reliability and expertise.
  3. Comprehensive Solutions: Seek companies offering complete solutions, including solar PV panels, battery storage options, and energy monitoring systems. You’re not just installing panels, you’re building a comprehensive, sustainable energy ecosystem.

Also, don’t forget to check their warranty offerings. A warranty, like a 10-year one on home batteries, can give you peace of mind. And lastly, research customer reviews. What better way to gauge satisfaction than hearing from those who’ve gone before you? Remember, you’re not just a customer, you’re part of a community working towards a sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost Ireland?

“You’re asking about the cost of solar panels in Ireland. It can vary widely, but you’re typically looking at around €10,000 for an average 3-bed house. Remember, grants and VAT reductions can make it more affordable.”

Is It Worth Getting Solar Panels in Ireland?

Absolutely, it’s worth getting solar panels in Ireland. They’ll pay for themselves over time, reduce your carbon footprint, and give you independence from rising electricity prices. You’re serving the planet and your wallet.

How Many Solar Panels Are Needed to Power a House in Ireland?

To power your house in Ireland, you’d need around 10-12 solar panels. Factors like roof size, orientation, shading, and your energy consumption play a role in this. Consulting a professional can ensure optimal results.

How Long Does It Take for Solar Panels to Pay for Themselves in Ireland?

In Ireland, your solar panels will typically pay for themselves in about 7 years. It’s a bright investment, considering the savings on energy bills and potential income from selling excess energy back to the grid.


So, imagine this: A sunlit future where your energy bills plummet while your home harnesses nature’s power. With solar panels, this isn’t just a dream.

Yes, there’s an initial investment, but think about the long-term savings and generous grants available. Plus, with minimal maintenance, these panels are a hassle-free option.

So go ahead, make a smart, sustainable choice with solar energy. Ireland’s sunny days are waiting to power your home.

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