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Amount of carbon emitted annually by a TYPICAL irish detached home with two cars

By installing solar PV panels and an energy storage battery, you can make an immediate impact on the environment, because as soon as you’re generating your own clean electricity, you pull less electricity from Ireland’s grid which is still highly fossil fuel-dependent.


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When you generate your own clean electricity, you pull less electricity from the grid, so you start saving immediately on your bills—potentially €800 per year. And with the additional earnings from the SolarShare Virtual Power Plant, you could save nearly €25,000 over the life of your system!

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You can generate nearly 80% of your own electricity when you install solar panels

An average Irish home with a solar PV system can generate up to 80% of its own electricity needs. And every kilowatt of clean electricity you generate from your solar panels means less dirty electricity you will be pulling down from the grid.


SolarShare enables Irish homeowners to generate and harness their own electricity from sunlight using solar pv panels and energy storage batteries.

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